Research Site for Oregon Artist Eliza R. Barchus

Eliza Rosanna Lamb Barchus (1857 – 1959) is one of Oregon’s most popular pioneer artists. However, not since Eliza Barchus: Oregon Artist, a book written in 1974 by the artist’s daughter, has there been significant additional material published on her life.

This website shares over thirty years of collecting and researching.  While the focus is on Mrs Barchus’ career as an artist, what also becomes apparent is her remarkable business acumen – at a time when most women did not work outside the home.

As with most any research, this work is not complete but ongoing.  For example, few paintings of Alaska and Yellowstone scenery have been visually documented. Also, why did Mrs. Barchus and her husband move to Portland, Oregon from the mid-west in the early 1880’s? Did she utilize a sketch book during her travels to draw compositions for later studio work? Thus, the purpose of creating of this website is two fold. First, it provides a fairly comprehensive source of information where one can begin to learn more about this important Oregon artist.  Second, it is hoped that this website finds others that can enrich this research with additional information. Of special interest is adding additional examples of her work to the image gallery.  Please send confidential inquiries to mailto:barchusresearch@elizabarchus.com